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We have had so many recommendations on this product that we're proud to give it pride of place as the first product to ever recieve our stamp of quality.  Many imitators have come along in recent years, and yet nothing has beaten, in many peoples opinions, the design and simplicity of the Wastemaster.  The durability of it is without question, meaning that the ask price of between £34 and £40 is one of the best lumps of cash you'll ever part with for your caravan.  Where many people report quality issues with copies its unlikely you'll ever have a complaint about a genuine Wastemaster. 

Neil Plucknett Sums it up as follows:

The WasteMaster simplifies the process of disposing of "grey" waste water from sinks and showers being simply a waste container on wheels.  There are 3 caps - 2 at the base and one at the top of the unit.  In use the waste hoses are fed into the upper of the two caps at the base of the unit.  When full that cap is screwed on and the unit wheeled to the disposal point.  Once in position the lower of the base caps is removed and the handle raised up, releasing the top cap as you do to allow air in making for a smooth emptying.  Securing points are fitted for a 4-way "octopus allowing the waste cassette from the toilet to be carried on top of the WasteMaster thus easing that job as well.


FL HITCHMAN are not a company renowned for year by year innovation but when they create a product they create a real gem and something that is there to last.  The Aquaroll, like the Wastermaster is a real product of quality.  We've been inundated with emails about it and it does seem that if anyone is looking for a water container then they should look no further than this product. 

As one review stated:

The aqua roll comes in 2 sizes - 29 litre and 40 litre.  The 40 litre is, in our opinion, the better as it has a side cap as well as the top cap which allows it to be used with the van pump in either upright or sideways position.  The side cap also allows the optional mains adapter kit to be used if on a super pitch.  Both sizes have mount points at either end to take a spring-in handle for towing them back to the caravan when full and strong handles for lifting/positioning when at the van.   There is also an optional stand and tap-cap for use with the Aquaroll for campers to use with tents/trailer tents etc.


Very few caravanners and motorhome owners now travel without an handy windbreak to safeguard against BBQs or keeping children and/or animals close at hand.  There are plenty on the market but the big seller (with its two year warranty) is the one produced by Blue Diamond.  Again, plagued by cheap imitations its important to ensure you recieve a genuine Blue Diamond windreak.

They come in a variety of colours and designs and are available as either 5 or 7 pole varients.  All of them come with awning piping so that they can be fixed to a caravan.    Made of rot proof material they are also fitted with steel end caps for extra strength. Visit www.blue-diamond-products.co.uk for more info.


A simple one this, but suggested by many of you.  If ever a product was taken for granted it has to be the trusty Fiamma Level Blocks, and no one goes away without them - it would seem.  There are larger ones available for larger motorhomes but the majority of caravans are able to use the standard levellers, which will take 2000kg each.

If you've never used them before Level Blocks are used for levelling your caravan or motorhome, whilst on an incline or unlevel ground.  In many cases only ramp is need.  Simply tow the caravan onto the ramp and use a small spirit level on the caravan to ensure you are level.


Of all the chairs out there many have suggested Dukdalf.  This is one review from one contributor.

'We were looking for quality,comfortable & value for money lightweight reclining chairs. We found them in the Dukdalf range. Although not the cheapest, we think they are excellent quality, coming with a full 3 year guarantee. They are very lightweight, being made from aluminium, and extremely comfortable, especially when used with the optional footrest. Hope this helps.' G.Hamer.