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Known for years now as a reliable product CADAC as become a by-word for barbecueing amongst most caravanning groups.  Indeed, rather than offer to put the tea on you will hear most caravanners and campers offer to 'get out the Cadac' as a sign that tea will soon be on its way.  Both the Carri Chef and the Eazi Chef have recieved recommendations but we're giving our top stamp to the Carri Chef for its price and level of quality at such value.

In essence the Carri Chef is the evolution of older models and will give you years of service.  As one review we recieved stated:

The Carri-Chef range is an interim solution between the old Global range and the table top units.  It looks like the global in terms of size - however unlike the Global unit the gas feed is up at the top of the unit, together with the heat controls AND an igniter unit.  The Cadac can be run either from a separate bottle or from the BBQ point on the side of the caravan (that's where we run ours from) and is great for BBQ's and grilled foods -  a whole breakfast can be cooked on the grille plate whilst a roast dinner can be cooked using the optional Skottle top.  Cleaning is easy with the reversible grille pan being Teflon coated and fitted with grease "run-offs" into the drip ring around the burner.  We've had ours this season and so far it's been a roaring success.  The only caveat we have is that it seems a bit heavy on gas usage compared to the normal cooker in the van although that may be down to us - time will tell.  When not in use everything packs away neatly into a carrying bag (supplied) for storage.